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Her bestselling book 'Spaceclearing: free your space and transforms your life' sold over 10.000 copies and  changed lives of many Italians who followed her advices and teachings. She smoothly combines the writing of a storiytelling and the practical advices of a hand book giving to the reader a simple and effective recipe to effortlessly and in seven days, get rid of all the hoarded clutter to retrieve the essential. Thanks to the Author’s method,  you can live a lighter and more organized life. Simple and possible.  

The author created a character named Giorgio, a middle aged single who decides to follow a seven days on line course on clearing stuff, despite his inborn resistance to facing this issue.  While reading Giorgio’s story, the reader discovers that the man is a little nostalgic, sentimental, lazy, depressed and heartbroken and the reader easily becomes involved in Giorgio’s emotions.  As the story progresses the reader is driven to act inspired by empathy and guided by the practical tips given in the online program.  No more guilt for messy drawers!  Telling Giorgio’s story, the author reveals the principles of her method and the basic rules of feng shui, leading the reader to an unexpected ending.

The reader is taken by hand and  thanks to easy homework suggested in the book, he is guided to walk a  path of transformation for her/his house. A personal journey from outside into your inner world: the reader is led to understand  that her/his home is a projection of her/his own blockages and most intimate needs.  The reader is guided to overcome them. The book contains also empowering sentences of the greatest philosophers of all ages and the personal stories of those who put into practice the book’s contents.
Beyond any doubts, their written experiences shared with the author and the readers witness a very simple truth. When you create room in your place, you open the door to incredible opportunities… and apparently impossible events become possible.

Publisher Ed. Mediterranee, 10 illustrations 214 pages 15,90€

Order in home space in the heart
In this book decluttering means much more than clear your clutter that blocks your home and your life. With her unique style, Lucia Larese unites Giovanna’s compelling story and the concrete help of an handbook. Reading this book you can easily move – just in eight steps -  from reading to action and, room after room, you can order your whole home, discovering a simple and  extraordinary truth. Clearing your stuff and organizing your place you can discover and dissolve limiting beliefs and dysfunctional habits which endanger your happiness. Getting your home in order following Lucia's approach, you are driven towards a real change on the emotional and psychological level and you are able to solve the causes that created the chaos.
The author associates each room of your home to a simple emotion so that the reader is invited to walk a path of transformation from your inner world to outside: from the attic and the lobby to the cellar, following the imaginary connection between the physical place where you live and that place inside yourself which - like an overflowing drawer  - spill out emotional disorder. The main character, rearranging her space, will retrace an almost forgotten past which she buried  long time ago. Opening her heart to the profound comprehension of her choices, she will finally embrace her inner power. The writings of the unbelievable transformations which have taken place in readers’ and Lucia’s clients are an wonderful boost for going on with the path. To make sure that, as in the fairy tale, together with the princess, the entire castle will be awaken from the long sleep.
Publisher  Ed. Mediterranee 168 pages 15,90€

Keep calm and.. and reorder your wardrobe': this ebook gives you simple and effective tips on how to reorder your wardrobe.  Following it, you can reorder quickly and easily your cabinet, avoiding the most common mistakes. If you know how to read the content of  your wardrobe you may understand better your nature and your habits. Is your cabinet a friend or an enemy? This depends on you! 3,49€
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If you feel overwhelmed by clutter and too many objects in you home, if confusion and disorder seem not to let you breathe, the solution is called "Spaceclearing for the heart", a unique approach created by the author.

Tidying up the house is “a journey of the heart" the author states. In this book you will find the quintessence of her method told through the stories of those who have followed her path, improving their physical and emotional environment. When energy flows freely in every room, people feel 'at home': they make space for what nourish their hearts and they desire for themselves and their loved ones.

If you dream about Mary Poppins entering your home and magically rearranging your space, solving different problems, this book is for you. You can make space and order quickly and easily, eliminating the chaos forever.  Stop putting off and get to work: this book is the right solution for you.
If you wish to buy your copy signed by the author, write to Lucia Larese

El vestuario es un espejo", por lo que Lucía Larese, experta en limpieza y limpieza del espacio en Italia, nos alienta a mantener nuestro armario como si estuviéramos cuidando una parte de nosotros.
En este práctico libro electrónico, el gurú de la reorganización nos hace concentrarnos en nuestra ropa (... ¡y en nuestros zapatos!) Para reorganizar, crear y concertar una cita con el guardarropa es un verdadero placer. ¿Cómo pones tu ropa en orden? ¿Qué haces si no te gusta más? ¿Y los zapatos? En este libro electrónico tan práctico e iluminador, el autor nos guía de manera muy simple y clara en 10 pasos y la lógica de reordenar el guardarropa. Ineludible para todos, desde lo más confuso hasta lo "casi" perfecto que seguramente descubrirá el más directo, útil y agradable.

For beginners and professionals, this book explains the essential concepts of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of building houses in harmony with the energies of the cosmos. Avoiding unnecessary technicalities and useless details, it makes complex concepts easy to apply, showing a path which leads you to go beyond the rationality of the mind and listen to the voice of your soul and your heart.

In the author's view, the law of attraction, the use of symbols, the law of resonance and synchronicity permeate the principles of Feng Shui which becomes a way to discover your true self.  Moving a piece of furniture or rearranging spaces is a fascinating way to give voice to your unexpressed emotions, untie the unresolved knots of the past and create the perfect space where you can live the life you desire.
The book contains ten flowing lessons, with practical exercises, "Feng Shui for the soul" offers a new and easy key to recognize through an ancient art the path to create harmony at home and in life. If you wish to buy your copy signed by the author, write to: Lucia Larese
 Copyright©  Lucia Larese
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