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Shortly About Me

 Lucia Larese, degree in languages cum laude, a Master in International Marketing, for many years she has been in charge for international affairs in a trade association, travelling throughout Europe. In 2001 she first introduced in Italy the principles of Decluttering and Spaceclearing and  "She became a teacher of simplicity.’ "She changed her life and now she is ready to change ours" as a popular Italian magazine(Donna Moderna) named her.  L Stampa, an Italian newspaper  features her as the " talian Guru in Spaceclearing with a fully booked agenda of consulting services and courses in Italy and Switzerland". She created an innovative and effective method to transform other people’s homes and lives.
Featured in several newspapers and magazines, radio interviews and television talk shows (Rai, Mediaset,Rsi) in Italy  and Switzerland, author of the bestselling book  'Spaceclearing: free your space, transforms your life', in 2015 she published her last book 'Decluttering: through the rooms of your life. Order in your home, space in your heart' and an e-book 'Keep calm and.. reorder your wardrobe'.
She is a columnist for Wall Street International Magazine. Her passions are: sailing in the Mediterranean sea and firewalking.

My Work

Thanks to her method LareseSpaceclearing® and her peculiar sensitivity  for the energies of homes and places, she leads her clients in a journey of transformation, grounding her philosophy on this simple motto:  let go  of superfluous and useless things to recover the essentials.

Master of the International Transpersonal Sundoor® school led by Peggy Dylan and breathwork practitioner, she acquired competence in various techniques such as, among others, Rebirthing , Thetahealing® , Hooponopono® and Soulcoaching® blending her skills into her unique approach as result of a deep path of personal growth. She follows the teachings of Peggy Dylan having studied with various masters, among others, Deepak Chopra, Roy Martina, Denise Linn, Karen Kingston, Byron Katie, Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D., David Hamilton Ph.D.. Her transformation, started from a profound change in her nutrition which healed her boby from migraine, colitis and cramps. She has now become a healing model for other people.
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